We elaborate prepared meals through an advanced technologic process of deep-freezing;

our products are totally healthy and natural, part of our Mediterranean alimentation

Innovation & Culinary creativity


Our main objective is to answer the modern customer demands: a new product, high quality & excellent taste.

Our Chef is a central pillar for the Cociprex products special touch. Bringing his everyday rigour and ability to gastronomy research & creativity process, assuring the guarantee an innovative final product of high quality.

A natural way to preserve our products


The Freezing process is the most natural method of preserving the quality of the products.

This method enables an optimal preservation of nutritional values, flavours & textures, with the guarantee of a long product shelf life.

Fifht-range & Quality


Our 5th range products offer our customers easy to prepare plates for their service to satisfy the most discerning palates.

The selection of our basic ingredients is one of the most important aspects to guarantee an excellent product  (virgin olive oil, cheese, fruits & vegetables... ingredients from Extremadura & mediterranean region).

The Highest quality control guarantee


Our meals quality control is strict & safe, with a constant supervision & fast correction measures.

Traceability standards of our products are assured with a strict supervision, each step of the production is controlled from the beginning to the end consumer.

Service: your needs, our solutions


We get closer to the customer needs, providing solutions, using the latest technologies and innovations in culinary sector.

Cociprex offers his customers (cash & carry, retail, food service, caterings...) a wide range of high quality products, always aware of your client's satisfaction & high level expectations.