Product code: PCO14066

Thaw at room temperature 3-4 hours or in the refrigerator one night before consuming. Remove the product from the box and serve

Energy (kJ/kcal): /380.00
Fats (g): 15.10
Carbohydrates (g): 85.00
Proteins (g): 5.10

Pre-cut cake -  Nº of portions 16 u (2.250 Kg)

Storage and transport instructions

Should be stored in the freezer at -18ºC. Once thawed, the product can be stored in the refrigerator during three days in a covered container and can’t be refrozen.

Packaging Description Quantity-Weight Code GTIN
Primary - Bag: 370x270 mm/ Polypropylene 2.250 kg - 1 u 8435361100427
Secondary Corrugated cardboard box (250x250x90mm)   18435361100424
Tertiary Wood pallet 80 x 120 cm 120 boxes  

Wheat flour, fresh carrots, eggs, butter, cheese cream and nuts.

*This information is provided for guidance purposes only. Only the list of ingredients on the label of the product is deemed authentic.

Contain milk, eggs, gluten, nuts. May contain traces of fish, milk, nuts, mustard, sesam seeds.