Through an advanced technological process of deep-freezing, we prepare prepared Gourmet dishes of the fifth range, completely healthy and natural, which form part of our Mediterranean diet.

Culinary innovation and creativity

Our objective: to respond to today's consumer who demands novelty, high quality and great taste in the products he is going to buy.

Our expert Chef is a fundamental pillar to give this special touch. His concern for research in gastronomy and culinary creativity guarantees us an innovative final product of high quality.

A natural way to preserve the taste of your dishes

Utrafreezing, a technique that guarantees optimal preservation of the nutritional and sensory qualities of each dish we prepare.

This method offers us the possibility of preserving the products for long periods of time.

Fifth Range and Quality

Our products are from the Fifth Range: comfortable and easy to handle, they are ready-to-eat dishes whose regeneration only requires an application of heat or a defrosting of a few minutes for consumption.

Thanks to a careful selection of our raw materials we guarantee an impeccable quality of our products: Iberian meats, virgin olive oil, local cheeses, fruits and vegetables from our region of Extremadura...

Rigorous and safe quality control

We have a continuous control of the entire manufacturing process, through a HACCP system, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (systematic preventive process to ensure food safety).

We assure our client the traceability of the product from the first steps of the manufacturing process to the final consumer.

Service: your needs, our solutions

Cociprex adapts to your client's business plan, offering different types of packaging from the Horeca range (catering distribution, events, etc...) to retail (gourmet shops, online sales, supermarkets, etc...).


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